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Mischief Series – Malice

Malice by Stefania Shaffer

Choosing Mindfulness—or Malice

Seventh grader Slater Hannigan plans to take the world by storm on his quest for fame—er, beginning with the Everly Middle Grade Talent Show. But when Kirby Keaton hatches a dastardly revenge plot, the entire year begins to unravel for Slater.

Thankfully, loyal friends Chicky Cicarrelli, Tobey Peterson, and Macaroni Maroney stand with Slater to face the trouble waiting up ahead. Even Sibley White is never too far away.

The heartache of childhood is brought to the surface through peer struggles, unpopularity, and family events that leave the reader weeping for Slater as he faces his final consequence.

MALICE appears fourth in the 4-book Mischief Series for Middle-Grade readers.

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~Praise for MALICE-Book 4~

“Book 4: Stefania Shaffer has done it again! This is the great fourth book written in the incredible Mischief Series. This book is filled with mixed feelings of Slater Hannigan and the mind-blowing chaos that occurs. Ever since Slater wins the Talent Show, Kirby Keaton grows jealous and takes Slater’s most prized possession. An unbelievable book about what happens to Slater’s fate.”
—Hillary P., West, 4th grade, CA

“Menace-Book 4 will not disappoint readers who have come to expect twists and turns. Shaffer brings this action-packed tale to full-throttle speed through artful description. Readers ride the highs of success and the lows of loss right along with Graham, Slater, Chicky, and the rest of our friends. This is one nail-biting story not to miss!”
—Daina Lujan, Principal, Millbrae School District; Vice President, South San Francisco Unified School District Board of Trustees

“Talk about action! Wait until you see what Slater and the crew are planning—you will be turning the pages so fast they may catch on fire. As always, Ms. Shaffer has come through with another book for my kids to devour. In fact, you’ll be imagining this entire series as a movie! Thank you, Stefania, for an outstanding and exciting read.”
—S. Reedy, Bay Area parent of boys

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