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Mischief Series – Menace

Menace by Stefania Shaffer

Training for a Menace

Soon-to-be seventh grader, Slater Hannigan, wants his frenemy, Sibley White, to forgive him. This won’t be the only apology he’ll have to make.

Soon enough, Slater and Chicky will decide the class field trip is worth ditching—until they get caught—upending Slater’s life as he knows it when he is sent to a summer survival camp.

What heart-pounding adventures Slater experiences at Elmer Woods will be worse than any of his legendary Halloween Haunts.

MENACE appears third in the 4-book Mischief Series for Middle-Grade readers.

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~Praise for MENACE-Book 3~

“The author has created an incredible 11 year-old character that surprises the reader at every turn of the page. You cannot get enough of Slater and that makes it impossible to put the book down!”
—Dr. Maggie MacIsaac, Superintendent, Burlingame School District

“Book 3, oh boy, oh, boy, oh boy! Boyhood in full fever pitch….a page turner…that will be an absolute delight to readers of all ages!”
—Daina Lujan, Principal, Millbrae School District; Vice President, South San Francisco Unified School District Board of Trustees

“In MENACE…the sixth-grade trouble prone kid is back—and so are the tricks!…It’s another exciting episode in the drama-filled life of our mischievous hero…”
—Penny Warner, best-selling author of over 60 books for adults and children, including the Agatha Award winning middle-grade mystery series, THE CODE BUSTERS CLUB

“Rich with vivid dialogue…Menace prompts the reader to ponder life’s choices and lessons…More than just a ‘good read’…”
—Ron Rammer, Principal, McCaffrey Middle School, Galt Elementary School District

“Stefania has created a story that all kids can connect to…or, a parent looking to read a book to your kids that you can enjoy too. Menace has something for everybody.”
—William Anderson, M.Ed., The Manual High School, Denver

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