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Mischief Series – Mercy

Mercy by Stefania Shaffer

Know Justice, Know Mercy

As Slater Hannigan’s friends anticipate their final year of middle school, they anxiously await his fate from the juvenile court judge. Vivian Iverson, Slater’s new probation officer, will need to make a case to the judge recommending a punishment for stealing Kirby Keaton’s computer. But first she will need to interview everyone who has ever met Slater Hannigan.

Unfortunately, Slater fears that everyone will send him to jail.

This is a story of choice and consequences. Slater Hannigan’s entire journey following a crooked path leads him to this fork in the road. There are no escape routes from Baker’s Creek, a place that leaves him aching for home.

In the most harrowing scene of all, Slater conveys his vulnerability as he prays for mercy, desperate for one more chance.

After tremendous reflection, when Slater emerges at the end of the eighth grade, the answers to the reader’s questions will all be satisfied: What happens to Chicky Cicarrelli, Tobey Peterson, Macaroni Maroney, and, of course, Sibley White? Does Slater ever reconnect with Madame Wilson? What is Principal T.C. Uliuli’s real name? Will Slater Hannigan ever realize the most important lesson of all—empathy?

Childhood is meant for learning.

MERCY appears as a fifth bonus book in the 4-book Mischief Series for Middle-Grade readers.

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