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Mischief Series – Mayhem

Mayhem by Stefania Shaffer

Goodbye Mischief, Hello Mayhem

Sixth grader Slater Hannigan wants everyone to stop asking how the hill fire started.

But matters only worsen after the police go searching door-to-door looking for neighborhood clues.

Unfortunately, the real trouble begins when the new kid at school, Chicky Cicarrelli, shows Slater and his buddies a few tricks of his own.

So close to carrying off his master plan, Slater’s life is turned upside down when Sibley White discovers the one school rule he has broken—ultimately bringing big changes Slater Hannigan cannot escape this time.

MAYHEM is second in the 4-book series for Middle-Grade readers.

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~Praise for MAYHEM-Book 2~

“Stefania Shaffer has crafted a fast-paced and endlessly entertaining book for middle-grade readers…Humor and tension abound…students will love MAYHEM!”
—Thomas Doyle, Language Arts Teacher, Adams 12 School District, Broomfield, CO; author of Bo Rush Sports Books: SOCCER SIDEKICKS, BOBBLEHEAD BEATDOWN and others

“…literature that will resonate with students and…colleagues…young readers can use as a guide, and educators can use MAYHEM’s story arc as a teaching tool. Stefania’s done it again! (and so has Slater!).”
—Barry Saide, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Tabernacle Township School District

“…I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E! Some how, some way, Shaffer has managed to top MISCHIEF!…Little boys everywhere are going to be learning lots of delicious things…such, such, such a treat!”
—Daina Lujan, Principal, Millbrae School District; Vice President, South San Francisco Unified School District Board of Trustees

“MAYHEM embodies the core essence of growing up…perfect book to engage reluctant and at-risk youth…tremendous book study opportunity for professional educators…to remind us of the important life changing work we do!”
—Daniel Cullen, Pennsylvania County Supervisor of Special Education, Colonial Intermediate Unit 20

“MAYHEM is a true delight to read. Stefania Shaffer does a masterful job capturing the mystique and wonder of childhood….I know readers of all ages will connect with the well-developed characters with a penchant for mischief.”
—Shelby Strong, Teacher, Patrick E. Taylor, Science and Technology Academy, Louisiana

“MAYHEM has the kind of thrilling pace that will seize a young reader’s attention from beginning to end. Even parents reading over shoulders will want to know how Slater Hannigan gets out of his next predicament. Congratulations to Stefania! This is a series worthy of a wide audience.”
—Penny Warner, best-selling author of over 60 books for adults and children, including the Agatha Award winning middle-grade mystery series, THE CODE BUSTERS CLUB

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